Rectorate at HTWK Leipzig

The rectorate at HTWK Leipzig (from left to right): Vice-Rector for Education Prof. Lutz Engisch, Head of Administration and Finance Prof. Swantje Heischkel, Rector Prof. Gesine Grande (Chairwoman), Vice-Rector for Research Prof. Markus Krabbes


• Rector: Prof. Gesine Grande
• Vice-Rector for Education: Prof. Lutz Engisch
• Vice-Rector for Research: Prof. Markus Krabbes
• Head of Administration and Finance: Prof. Swantje Heischkel

Responsibilities of the Rectorate

The Rectorate manages the university and conducts its business (§ 83 SächsHSFG). The Rectorate is especially responsible for fundamental issues of budget and budget planning, the allocation and management of the all-over positions and funds (if not managed by the Head of Administration and Finance herself), fundamental issues of structural development and property as well as allocation of rooms within the university. Moreover, the Rectorate is in charge of the strategic orientation of the university and the establishment of the university development plan with regard to the development plans of the faculties. The Rectorate is also responsible for maintaining public order at the university.

Members of the Rectorate may join every committee meeting at the university.